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Primitive  bookFor months I’ve had some trouble with the eShop on this site.

It was one of those totally frustrating problems that made the module behave quirky. I ended up with sending out every purchase by hand. One upside to having to wait for what seemed like ages on the cover of Castling was that I had some time on my hand. Even so, it was only by coincidence that I found out what was wrong. It was not exactly a bug in the module. Let’s call it a limitation.

Anyhow, the problems are solved. I’ve revamped the whole eShop and made it into one page with all purchasing options clearly marked, including the different vendors. I kept it as simple as possible.

People sometimes ask if independent authors prefer they buy from the writer’s own site. Since we bypass other vendors, I get to keep more of the few dollars a book costs. Paypal takes a small cut, but when you buy through Amazon or the likes, I’m lucky if I get half of what you have paid. On the other hand, each sale on Amazon (and I suppose something similar goes for the others as well) makes the ranking of the book go up. This in turn makes it more visible on the site… which leads to more sales. So, actually I don’t know what is better in the long run, and besides, you should do what you’re comfortable with. If you have a Kobo, a Nook, a Kindle or an iPad, I can imagine you would like to stay within their ecosphere. Please, by all means suit yourself.

I hope you’ll like the new eShop, but, as always, I’m open to suggestions. For the time being the eShop accepts Paypal. Let me know in a comment if you’d like other ways of paying, and I’ll look into it.

If you should encounter the least difficulty, please leave me a message through the Contact form. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Rick 2013-02-05 at 16:08 #

    Finished Castling. Make sure to let me know when the next one if ready.


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