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The Invisible Hands: Change of Plans

I’m about 80,000 words into what was supposed to become the last book in the next Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse trilogy, and I’m fairly sure now that is not going to happen. The trilogy, I mean. There simply are too many characters and there is too much happening to fit in just three […]

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eShop Back Online

For months I’ve had some trouble with the eShop on this site. It was one of those totally frustrating problems that made the module behave quirky. I ended up with sending out every purchase by hand. One upside to having to wait for what seemed like ages on the cover of Castling was that I […]

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Second excerpt from Gay Epic Fantasy & M/M-Romance Castling

While I’m still waiting for the cover art, I’d thought I give you both a second excerpt and an idea how the book will look on an actual device. The excerpt: Anaxantis has chosen two unlikely messengers to deliver an important message to his mother, the queen, and Sobrathi. The screenshots: The first three are […]

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All Romance Ebooks

I’ve long been Amazon-exclusive, but a while ago I decided to diversify. Before committing to a potential outlet, I check out the site for some time and try to talk to people who are already distributing there. I freely admit I’m a rather picky control freak. Since a few days, my books are now available, […]

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Kobo: books in epub-format

I’ve uploaded all my books to the Canadian outfit Kobo. Up until now I was exclusive to Amazon. Although I offered my books in epub-format on this site, I thought it would be better to offer them through a major ebook-outlet as well. Kobo has recently made a program available for independent authors to upload […]

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Basic framework done

I think the basic framework — i.e. most of the work under the hood — is done. The eShop should be fully functional. There are three separate pages, respectively for azw (kindle’s format), epub, and mobi-format  The azw-page  leads you directly to the Amazon-page of a specific book. On the other two you buy directly […]

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Venre Dal Terundar