List of Muktaresh words and idioms

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àjemisha: other self; lifelong partner
Ashronikhar: Wolf’s Lair
beddurouwin: chosen younger brother
brezzumàhai, brezzonmàhai: mortal enemy/enemies of the people & the state
frishiu, frishion (plural): prince(s)
màhai: the whole of the people; hence the community of the people, the state
nagàrouwin: chosen older brother
niaràm: the special sign a quedash makes, by raising his right fist, when he invokes the power of the Gods. His words spoken while making the niaràm have the power of law.
quedash, quedashang (plural): king(s)
rouwin, rouwining (plural): chosen brother(s)
shatangmàhai: the Council of All the People (can only be called by the quedash and comprises all Mukthars, male and female, of 16 years and older.
vrangmàhai: the proscription (expulsion, exclusion, shunning, banishment, ostracism, ousting). In times of extreme need all Mukthars between ages fifteen and twenty can be banished from the tribe. They form a new tribe and an automatic state of war exists between them and their old tribe who considers them to be brezzonmàhai, mortal enemies of the people. The vrangmàhai and all its implications is discussed in Book III of the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse, The Invisible Chains – Part 3: Bonds of Blood.

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