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Standard Palton

Standard Palton is the lingua franca of the World of Anaxantis.
Most people understand it and speak it, at least at a rudimentary level, though there often are great regional differences, both in vocabulary and in pronunciation.

For all practical intents and purposes Standard Palton is the equivalent of English.

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Ancient Baltoc

Ancient Baltoc is an old, dead language. It survives as a cultural language and people who have had a good education have at least a basic knowledge of it.
Poems, mottoes, old charters and history books are often written in Ancient Baltoc. It is sometimes used by learned people when they prefer not to be understood by the common man.

Ancient Baltoc in the World of Anaxantis is comparable to Latin in ours.

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Muktharesh is the language of the tribes that live north of the Somertian Mountains.
It’s only fragmentarily known, as most Mukthars who venture outside their own territory speak Standard Palton, though sometimes heavily accented. Nevertheless, Mukthars are deemed barbarians by the inhabitants of Ximerion and the Aranquoran peoples of the independent city states and Zyntrea.

List of Muktaresh words and idioms

Warning: Some of the explanations contain spoilers up to Book III of the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse, The Invisible Chains – Part 3: Bonds of Blood.

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