Thirty-third installment of Lee-Lack’s Gold published

The thirty-third installment of Lee-Lack’s Gold, the first scene of chapter 7, Old Acquaintances, is up.

Yllyesh follows Oldo after he leaves the Black Duck in hopes of finding out more about the former robber’s plans.

Sorry for this monthlong hiatus. I’ve had a few health issues. Nothing major, but they slowed me down considerably.

Chapter 7: Old Acquaintances — Scene 1

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  1. Missy 2016-10-07 at 00:38 #

    Andrew, I hope you are feeling much better.

    A question: I recall the man (can’t recall his name) that Anaxantis’ father sent to kill him and Anaxantis and his men eventually killed the man. Is any of the characters in Lee Lack related to that guy?

    • Andrew 2016-10-11 at 23:34 #

      Hi Missy,

      I’m much better now — thanks for asking. :) New installments will be published soon-ish, but I’m not pinning myself down on a fixed date.

      As to your question: I think you’re referring to baron Damydas. One day I hope to write the story of what happened to his sons and his grandsons, Gerri and Warri, but none of them appear in this one.

      There are other “connections,” but I can’t elaborate without ruining the surprise.

      • Missy 2016-10-12 at 04:00 #

        Yes, I was talking about the baron -I admire that man’s ‘bloody’ determination -not his cruelty though -yet his character was a necessity in the story.

        Glad you’re feeling better and is taking care of your ‘writing’ self because a healthy Andrew means more wonderful stories for us :).

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