Royal House of Tanahkos: Genealogical Table and Chronology

This genealogical table represents the Royal House of Tanahkos up until March 1452 aed, the date from which Randamor begins his tale in Book I,
The Invisible Hands – Part 1: Bonds of Hate.

All dates are in aed (After the Ending of the Darkening). The date format used is the International Standard Date and Time Notation (International Standard ISO 8601).


1414-06-16: Bordomach VIII, Duke of Tanahkos, defeats High King Berimar IV of the Royal House of Chaldarina in the Battle of the Karmenian Hill and ascends the throne of Ximerion as Portonas III

1427-04-19: Death of Portonas III and ascent of his son Tenaxos I

1430-07-12: Tenaxos I marries Assandra of the House of Garda-Ronnoumarck

1431-03-30: Birth of Prince Tenaxos (Tenaxos the Younger)

1433-10-19: Birth of Prince Portonas

1434-11-30: Birth of Prince Ehandar

1435-01-27: Death of Queen Assandra

1435-05-01: Tenaxos I marries Princess Emelasuntha of the Royal House of Mekthona

1436-02-05: Birth of Prince Anaxantis


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