Lee-Lack’s Gold – Chapter 1: After the Fall – Scene 1

Chapter 1

After the Fall

“Which one are you again? No, don’t tell me. It’ll come to me. I’m not senile yet… Ah yes, that dark red hair and the ponytail… no, no… not a ponytail. A foxtail. A thick, red foxtail. You are Floryon. Floryon Foxtail.”

“And you, Mandigaill whom they call the Hunter, welcome too. And what, pray, will be your pleasure, gentlemen?”

”Ah yes, Floryon Foxtail, you’ve got some Mukthar blood in you, witness your oxblood red hair. From your grandfather’s side, if memory serves. I could ask my old friend, Medwyna. She helped you come into this world, as she did your mother. She should know… No wonder you want to hear the story of Lee-Lack’s gold. You want to know what happened to the treasure of the Renuvian Plains Robbers. Duke Lethoras Demaxos couldn’t find it, although he never stopped looking. I can see why you would be interested. After all, the story involves a Mukthar warrior who couldn’t return home, who once had been the beddurouwin of a prince, and who was called a traitor by some.”

“Shame on you, Foxtail. Are you so ignorant of the customs of your grandfather’s people that you don’t even know what a beddurouwin is? Your friend Mandigaill does, and he has no Mukthars among his forebears. I distinctly recall it came up when he was here some time ago. Surely he remembers.

“Ah well, just for you I’ll explain again… Mukthars think the relatives that fickle fate has given you count for less than the relatives you choose yourself. Rouwining are two warriors with a special bond.”

“No, not that kind of bond, although that as well exists.”

“No, rouwining are two warriors who have chosen each other for brothers. The younger one calls his chosen older brother nagàrouwin, and the older calls the younger one his beddurouwin.

“Now, a more important question… what have you brought for supper?”

“Wild boar chops with root vegetables, mushrooms and onions. Excellent, Mandigaill. I trust you hunted, gutted, cleaned, and chopped up the boar yourself. And three bottles of red wine. Thank you, Floryon. This evening we will eat and drink well.

“It is a long story, or more precisely, it takes several stories to explain where Lee-Lack’s gold ended up. You’ll have to stay several nights. You both know I have only the one bed, but it is large enough for the three of us. Count yourselves lucky that at my age my needs are modest and that I enjoy watching almost as much as participating.”

“Why this futile protest? It’s not as if you weren’t expecting this. Besides, I know for certain you both enjoy the, ah, acts. And being watched in the act.

“Now… where to begin? The conspiracy in the highest ranks of the Bear Mukthars? The murder of the prince? Or, maybe, how the former robber chief, Lee-Lack Scarminckle met—

“Ah… so much had changed after the Battle of the Zinchara…”

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8 Responses to Lee-Lack’s Gold – Chapter 1: After the Fall – Scene 1

  1. Don Hess 2015-07-07 at 03:42 #

    Sounds very interesting. Thank you for the offer to read. Dwh ;)

  2. MissyE 2015-07-09 at 22:01 #

    So glad you’re at it again, Andrew. I’m so looking forward to more enjoyable reading.

    ‘. . . published as free reads on my website in regular installments. When a story is finished it will stay up for some time . . .’

    Does this means you will keep previous chapters up so we can catch up in case we miss 1 or 2 or a few?

    • Andrew 2015-07-09 at 22:07 #

      Thanks… and yes, it means exactly that.
      On the General Introduction page there will be a complete Table of Contents by the end of the story.
      Then, after a few weeks… poof. :lol:
      But, you’ll have ample time to catch up.

  3. Michael Stark 2015-07-10 at 02:59 #

    Thank you Andrew, I love it that you are doing these stories and greatly look forward to the next installment.

  4. MissyE 2015-07-10 at 03:12 #


  5. missy 2022-11-14 at 20:45 #

    Will Lee Lack’s Gold become a book anytime soon?

    I find I just can’t sit still longer enough to read such amazing story on a computer screen. I want to cozy up in a chair, my bed, on the train to work and relish these enjoyable stories. So I still am not done reading them. I am so glad you kept them up.

    Also a big shout out – thank you!! for Dagger of Deception. I am so tickled. I got it today and so looking forward to some good reading.

    Best of everything.

    • Andrew 2022-11-16 at 21:25 #

      I’m sorry, Missy… not any time soon.

      I haven’t given up on the story, but the problem is that it’s interwoven with the main story. It also is the first volume of two books, and I don’t see myself writing that for the moment.

      I hope Dagger of Deception can tide you over.

      Oh yes, there is also a short novella in the World of Anaxantis, called The Conqueror that I will be publishing in a few months.

  6. Missy 2022-11-19 at 04:18 #

    Thanks for replying, Andrew.

    It’s good then that LLG is still up anyway.

    I finished Dagger of Deception and enjoyed Ry & Rahendo as usual. I still consider them as adorable Billy Goats -no offense of course. All the characters are unique but I just love those two. I’m now adding Lanio ‘Chicken Wings’ to that list –

    As always, happy writing!

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