Free Fiction: General Introduction


This is a general introduction to the free fiction I will publish on my website.

Over time, when necessary, I will update the information in this post.

In the next paragraph you’ll find the current story and the published scenes.


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Lee-Lack’s Gold

Chapter 1: After the fall

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5

Chapter 2: Nowhere to Go

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5

Chapter 3: Forging Bonds

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5

Chapter 4: Warrior Woman

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5Scene 6

Chapter 5: The Arms of Tarbalainn

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5

Chapter 6: Any Port

Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5Scene 6

Chapter 7: Old Acquaintances

Scene 1

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The stories are set in the world of Anaxantis. They run parallel to the events related in the trilogy The Invisible Chains and the sequel quadrilogy The Invisible Hands.

These are the tales of some characters who have left the main story line as told in the first seven books. It isn’t strictly necessary to have read those, but if you haven’t, you might miss some subtle references. I tried to make these stories stand on their own. That means that if you have read the first seven books, some events will be familiar to you, though they will be told from a different perspective.

The structure of the first arc is as follows:

Story 1: Lee-Lack’s Gold
Story 2: Pirates and Mukthars
Story 3: Overlord

These stories will be shorter — about the length of a novella/novelette — and they will be bundled in Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse – Book VIII: Pirates of the Ronicerian Isles.

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Once a particular story is finished I’ll take it down after a month or so, and publish it as an ebook.

Subscribers to my New Releases Newsletter (to subscribe use the first box in the sidebar to your right) will get one notification at the start of every story. If you want notification by email each time a new installment is published, please subscribe to my blog. You can do so on the sidebar to your right, second box down. The only drawback may be that you’ll receive notice, not only of every new installment, but also of every news item, blog and article. There’s a link in each and every email to unsubscribe, though.

For readers who haven’t read the other books, I’ll try to explain as many terms and references as I can in footnotes.


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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Trudy McMahon who edited all of my books and who will be editing these stories as well. In case any errors remain, this is most likely due to my stubbornness.


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Some people wanted me to write more about Anaxantis and Ehandar. A few have voted — rather passionately — for more about Antybion. And I will write those stories, eventually. But not now. Sorry.


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The first story takes place half July, 1453 a.e.d., or about six weeks after the Battle of the Zinchara, and focuses on Lee-Lack Scarminckle, the former leader of the Renuvian Plains Robbers.

Some of you will remember he was betrayed by the invading Mukthars and his robber gang was all but wiped out. He went undercover, after making sure there was nobody alive who could betray him.

The treasure that was accumulated over centuries by the Renuvian Plains Robbers was from then on for all intents and purposes Lee-Lack’s Gold


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This website and all the writings on it, including these stories, are copyrighted and may not be used without the author’s consent. Although these writings have been made freely available for you to read, and hopefully enjoy, the copyright belongs to the author. No part of this website or the contents thereof may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without permission in writing from the owner who can be contacted through this website (section Contact in the Main Menu). Reviewers who wish to quote brief passages in connection with a review written for a website, a magazine, newspaper, or broadcast are allowed to do so. I would appreciate it if you told me of any review you have written and if you made a mention of or linked back to this site.

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