The Man by the Lake

Just Don't Mess with Us: Family Matters by Andrew AshlingWe all have something in our past we want to hide, but some of us have darker secrets than most…


After the death of their parents, Mark, the oldest of the Spencer siblings, has taken his younger brothers under his wing. Or that is what the world thinks it knows… and it has the records to prove it.


In fact the records are doctored and the four guys are unrelated to each other. They live together in a polyamorous relationship somewhere in a quiet suburb. The Spencers, as they call themselves, are very protective of their little family and will go to almost any lengths to keep it safe.


But will that be enough when one of them is suspected of being a murderer?


While The Man by the Lake is set in the world of Just Don’t Mess With Us: Family Matters, this story is much darker and hardly humorous. It asks some tough questions and leaves it to the reader to answer them. Also, while gay relationships are implied, there is no on-screen sex.


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