Rahendo & Ryhunzo Mysteries

The Rahendo & Ryhunzo Mysteries are historical, almost-cozy mysteries, set in the medieval World of Anaxantis.


The main storyline is called Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse and consists, of seven books, a trilogy, The Invisible Chains, and a quadrilogy, The Invisible Hands.


Although the Rahendo & Ryhunzo Mysteries are parallel to the main series, they are meant to be stand-alone stories. They are also far lighter fare than the Dark Tales.


Rahendo and Ryhunzo, the amateur sleuths, are a gay couple. Some vanilla male on male action occurs.


These links will bring you to the individual book pages, with a synopsis and buying links:


Dagger of Deception, the first Rahendo & Ryhunzo Mystery

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