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1. Follow me on BookBub

If you have a BookBub account, you can follow me and you’ll get notified whenever I release a new book, or recommend a book by another author.
Readers can follow each other as well, and any reviews will become “recommendations” that BookBub will send you in an email.
Do you need yet another site sending you mails about new books? Probably not, though it can’t hurt.
For me it’s important that I have followers on BookBub because (I think) it’s one of the factors that help decide whether BookBub will promote my books or not.
You can follow me by clicking the Follow button on my BookBub Author’s Page.
Or, you can click the button right under. Provided you have a BookBub account, this should make following me a one-click operation.

Follow me on BookBub

I’m not too sure if this really works in all browsers, so please check. The gray Follow button should have changed in a green Following one.

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2. Rate my books

In the top right corner of a book page on BookBub you will find the following options:
Options Dark Tales book I on BookBub
The first two buttons are self-explanatory, but the third, Review, is slightly misleading. If you click it, a box will appear which gives you the opportunity to not just review the book, but also to rate and recommend it.
Rate, recommend, review Dark Tales book I on BookBub

Rating a book is a one-click operation and so is recommending it. Very nice is that, without having to review the book, you can indicate what you liked about it with a few simple clicks. Of course, you can write a full-fledged review, but it is optional.
To conclude, you can share all this with your followers by clicking the green Share button.
These are the links to the books of the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series on BookBub:


As always, the first book of the series is the most important.

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3. Review my books

Reviews on BookBub are important for any author, as it increases the likelihood that BookBub will promote that book.
Additionally, if you have followers yourself, they all will get your “recommendation” in a weekly email. This promotes not only visibility, but also the chance that some of your followers will buy the book, and, who knows, in their turn review it, or become followers of that author.
All this amounts to accumulated visibility, and, not unimportant, more sales.
I don’t know whether BookBub actively discourages reviews that have been published on other sites, but I suspect that a lot of readers just copy/paste one and the same review on several platforms.

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