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Cover “Just Don't Mess With Us”

Just Don’t Mess With Us: Five over the top stories about four guys living together


Ever thought about how it would be if you were in love with three persons at once? And all three were in love with you? And with each other? And you lived together? And you all were guys? Wouldn’t it just be like a family? That is what Alan, the narrator, thinks…

Every chapter is a little story by itself, but in the same setting. Yet it is best to read them in sequence, as each story tells you something more about one or more of the characters. These stories are just a collection of slices of life. Naturally, I hope you will enjoy them. If I can make you smile once or twice, I will consider my goal accomplished. Hell, I’ll settle for a raised eyebrow.


Warning: male on male sex, coarse language and preposterous situations will abound. Alan is cynical, irreverent, maybe slightly immoral, but extremely protective of what he calls his family and he has heart of gold. Don’t take what he says too seriously…


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