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Can writing make you afraid to read?

I wonder if I’m the only writer with this “problem?” A few casual remarks on some board of which I don’t remember the name intimated that there were some similarities between a serialized story called Captive Prince and my Dark Tales. Later I got questions about that in private conversations. Not that anybody even remotely […]

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The Cover Hunt – Part 4

Surprisingly fast the next draft arrived.       As you can see, the hovering head of the Other is back. My prince now has his coat of arms, «In sable, a dragon passant, on a field of gold», on his tunic. He looks awfully small though, all of a sudden. “Get rid of the […]

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The Cover Hunt – Part 3

I had been waiting, not exactly with anxiety, but with some mild worry until my main character got his face. This was the first sketch Okita sent.   I was very pleased. I thought the artist had captured a degree of innocence, as well as cunning and resolve. I would have preferred to have his […]

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The Cover Hunt – Part 2

There are basically three main methods to get a cover. 1. Make it yourself A lot of independent authors rather innocently think that’s the way to go. How difficult can it be? You buy a decent stock photograph — or for the absolute do-it-yourselver: you shoot one — and make the lettering with graphics software. […]

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The Cover Hunt – Part 1

Gambit, Book IV of Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse, and the first part of the new trilogy, The Invisible Hands, is in the final stages of being made ready to be published. There is of course the inevitable editing-process. I’m lucky enough to have an editor who is very generous with her time, and […]

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