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This page is a work in progress
You could while away your life on these social sites, but they are a great way to keep in contact with large numbers of people and to get the word out.

Feel free to connect with me wherever you want. I have a simple philosophy: if you follow/like/friend me, I follow/like/friend you back. If you unfollow/unlike/unfriend me…

Here are most of the places you can find me on the Internet (in no particular order):



Click on the logo for my Twitter account.

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I tweet very irregularly. When I do, it’s mostly to announce something or other. Sometimes I tweet links I think could be of general interest. I also re-tweet friends. Occasionally, I go on a rant.
I try to reply to direct messages, but that may take a while. If you have an urgent question, better use the Contact form.
I also have a second(ary) account, OrmidonPub. Don’t follow that one, unless you happen to like repetitive, semi-commercial tweets.
I use it to make people aware of my books and my website. I never spam users with it and it only sends tweets to hashtags (e.g. #mmromance, #gayromance, #epicfantasy, #ebooks…). You have to look for them, but people who are actively searching for one of those subjects will hopefully see them. Or some of them at least. They don’t bother anybody else.


Click on the logo for my Goodreads Author’s Page

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Click on the logo for my LiveJournal

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It’s nothing special: just the same stuff I post on Goodreads and elsewhere. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that at least some of the people there are fairly exclusive LiveJournal aficionados. There are special interest groups, and you get the posts of all your friends on a special page. They tend to be longer than the ones on Facebook.
I like to keep a presence there, if nothing else.


Click on the logo for my Facebook page

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Click on the logo for my Pinterest page

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Click on the logo for my LibraryThing page

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I don’t use this one very much.

Some of the info on this page may be repeated elsewhere on this site. I thought it was better to be slightly redundant than have you hunt around for information.
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